Ducati E-Bikes today achieve the highest performance on every route and bear witness to the goal of offering unique and meaningful experiences. A journey that began in 2019 and which today sees the range of models available further enriched. 

The MIG-S, the All Mountain now available with the Shimano EP8 engine and renewed components that make it even more performing, versatile and fun on every trail. 

The TK-01RR, the "top of the range" E-Enduro with high-level components for an even more extreme enduro. Alongside the new limited edition version, designed to enhance the performance of all downhill enthusiasts. 

The Futa, the first E-Road model according to Ducati. Characterized by technical solutions and high-quality components that fully embody the Ducati style. Also available in limited edition.

The Powerstage RR, the first Ducati e-enduro with carbon fibre frame designed to take on the extreme off-road.