168 bhp
126 Nm
Dry Weight

Performance, luxury, and craftsmanship. Like never before

A brand-new collaboration makes for a masterpiece on two wheels. An exceptional fusion of audacity and elegance, allure and innovation that redefines the rules of style and exclusivity.

Inspired by the exclusive Bentley Batur and developed around the technical base of the Diavel V4, it is produced as a limited and numbered edition of just 500+50 units.
In addition to the 500 units of Diavel for Bentley, 50 units of Diavel for Bentley Mulliner will be built to order, reserved to Bentley clients. Together with the Ducati designers, these clients will be able to customise even more their bike.

The starting point for the Diavel for Bentley project is the high-performance and comfortable mechanical base of the Diavel V4. But the style is completely redefined and draws inspiration from the Batur, the exclusive Bentley coupé that anticipates the style of the cars set to exit the Crewe factory in years to come.

Bike Colour
Diavel for Bentley

Diavel for Bentley

Scarab Green

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