Parts and accessories

We can supply and fit a large selection of accessories and performance parts made especially for your Ducati.

Ducati Performance Accessories are manufactured to the same exacting standards as your motorcycle. There’s no need to worry about your factory warranty either, so you can start from day one making your new Ducati your own.

As well as making your Ducati stand out from the crowd, there’s also the full range of clothing to ensure everyone knows where your heart lies. Protective or leisure clothing, both are of the highest quality. As a workshop, we don’t have the environment, or space for a clothing department but any of the range is available to order.

Motul Motorcycle Lubricants

We only use Motul Motorcycle Lubricants whilst servicing your Ducati. Motul 7100 fully synthetic oil exceeds all standards by a fair margin and is our “regular” service lubricant. Motul 300V is available as an option and offers the ultimate in protection and performance. The range goes further than the slippy stuff though. Make sure you’re able to keep your Ducati as it should be with a full range of motorcycle care products.


GPS tracking security for your motorcycle. Approved by Ducati UK, the police and most insurers. Using your own web based portal, you can view the location of your bike from any computer at any time. If the bike is moved, alerts are delivered to your mobile. Also offers a neat recall feature of your trips should you want to view your latest ride out.

If there’s nothing from the above suppliers takes your fancy, then please contact us with your requirements. If we can obtain the product you need then we’ll be happy to help.